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 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Records Management (RM) Consulting

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"[T]he strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes." (AIIM)

Enterprises face ever-increasing volumes of content. The practice of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), or Content Services, attempts to address key concerns such as content storage; effective classification and FINDABILITY; archiving and disposition policies; mitigating legal and compliance risk; reducing paper usage; and more.

However, enterprises looking to execute on ECM strategies face myriad human, organizational, and technology challenges. As a practical matter, enterprises cannot deal with all of these challenges concurrently. Therefore, to achieve business benefits from ECM, enterprises need to work step-by-step, following a roadmap to organize their efforts and hold the attention of program stakeholders.

The effective deployment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies requires planning and developing a comprehensive strategy that MUST deal with the varied human (meaning having a truly effective Change Management apporach), information, governance, and systems aspects of ECM.

Aria Consulting's principal, Lorne Rogers, is ECM Master certified by AIIM (Association for Intelligent Information Management) which substantiates that he can effectively lead your organization through the cornerstone aspect of a true Digital Transformation. Additionally Mr. Rogers serves as a Vice-Chair for an ISO Working Group for ECM.

Aria Consulting brings a proven approach that combines a Standards amd Maturity Model based assessment, development of Strategy, supporting Framework, and design of a Programme that focuses heavily on creative and effective User Adoption, as well as an enabling technology stack.


SharePoint and Office 365 (O365) Architecture and Advisory

SharePoint and Office 365 (now Microsoft 365, or M365) are amongst the most widely used products from Microsoft through much of the world today. Aria Consulting has worked with SharePoint since version 2003, as well as with Office 365 including SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, MS Planner, MS “Power Platform” (PowerApps, Flow), Forms, Delve, Bookings, and even StaffHub!

A major differentiator that sets Aria Consulting apart is the broad and considerable knowledge that Mr. Rogers brings of the extensive ecosystem of available ISV (Independent Software Vendors) add-on solutions that can massively extend and deepen the capabilities of these “platform” offerings from Microsoft. Many MS partners, from boutique to multi-national, focus on customizing these technologies for clients, which can incur substantial ‘Technical Debt’, versus looking to this ecosystem for solutions where the ISV partner company shoulders the Technical Debt.

SharePoint and Office 365

This focus on avoiding Technical Debt where possible has become dramatically more important as Microsoft 365 continues to change at the “speed of cloud”. Unless a conceived customization can, and will, deliver order of magnitude competitive capability to the organization, and there exists no acceptable ISV add-on solution in the ever-expanding ecosystem, taking on the Technical Debt of the customization simply makes no sense. Many an organization exists today that allowed other consulting companies to take them down this road and have found themselves either stuck and all but unable to upgrade, or facing heavy costs to do so. On the other side of the coin are organizations that have doggedly mandated trying to use the technology solely “out of the box” and still hope to achieve good outcomes. Except for fairly small or quite simple businesses, this almost never delivers the desired outcomes and users are universally unhappy.

Don’t let this be you! Talk to Artia Consulting TODAY, and let’s get your Digital Workplace actually WORKING!


Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Systems Architecture and Implementation

Optimizing Your Digital backbone - WITHOUT the sales pitch to buy software!

With more than 8 years experience across multiple market-leading systems including Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, and Syspro, Aria Consulting can help optimize this fundamental system for YOUR organization! And without giving you the sales pitch as Aria Consulting no longer acts as an ERP reseller.

Mr. Rogers has successfully implemented modules including:

  • Financial Management (GL; AP; AR; Treasury; FP/A; etc.)

  • Manufacturing/Production Management (MES-Manufacturing Execution System; Production Control; Master Scheduling/MRP; Quality Management; etc.)

  • Supply Chain Management (Procurement; Sourcing; Warehousing; Inventory; Distribution Requirements Planning/DRP; Supplier Relationship Management; and more)

  • Sales/Order Management (Estimating and Quoting; CPQ-Configure, Price, Quote; Demand Management)

  • PLM/Engineering (Bills of Material and CAD integration; Routings design; Engineering Control; Product Configuration)

  • Human Capital Management/HR (Recruitment; Scheduling; Payroll; Benefits Administration; Employee Training; Compliance and Safety)

  • Project Management/Costing (Project Planning; Resource Management; Project Costing; Billing; Time Entry)

  • Service/Field Management (Contract Management; Field Service; Truck Roll; RMA Management; Resource Levelling)

  • and more!

across TWELVE (12) end-to-end programmes with client organizations across Canada and in the United States spanning more than 9 industries!

Aria Consulting would be happy to explore being the “Wise Eyes” to work with you and your vendor of choice to get the most out of this very significant investment in your organization’s Digital foundation!

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems Architecture and Implementation

CRM, or Client Relationship Management, software is rapidly becoming a linchpin capability for organizations in their plans for Digital Transformation. And for good reason. Having a 360 degree view of all of your customers or citizen interactions with your organization from the first touch through your marketing efforts, through inside and outside sales management, customer service desk, and further with project automation to anticipate resource demand and ensure the right resources are on the right projects, keeping utilization high and enabling you to manage projects for your customers with confidence.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can deliver all of that and more! Leverage the flexibility and extensibility of the combo of the Microsoft Common Data Model/Common Data Service, and the “Power Platform” comprising PowerApps, Flow, and PowerBI with Dynamics 365 to be able to deliver the insights and analytics, responsive service - whether through the Unified Service Desk or through Dynamics 365 for Field Service, ability to interact seamlessly across virtually any channel, and connect your data and processes from 100+ other systems (and growing!) through the microservices architecture of PowerApps and Flow.

Let's talk about how Aria Consulting can help you your Digital Transformation through the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement!

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