Display related content as known from amazon.com: render contextspecifi c „related content“ in SharePoint, such as related documents, news with similar topic, responsible contacts and further links automatically. Use search-driven, security trimmed web parts with fl exible templatebased design.

Additionally available: classify data from 100+ external data sources via Layer2 Tools to make it fully available for search.

The Layer2 Knowledge Managemt Suite contains seven components: Auto Tagger, Related Content Web Part, Tag Cloud Web Part, Tag Directory Web Part, Tag Navigation Web Part, Tag Suggester, and Taxonomy Manager.



Available for SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016. Server license: US$1,899 / €1,499 per SharePoint server. Free trial edition available on web site after registration. Optional annual software assurance for free updates and upgrades. Layer2 Partner Network: 15–30% discount, free NFR editions, priority support, web site listing, and lead transfer.