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ECM Master Certified

Aria’s principal, Lorne Rogers, is Master certified by AIIM in the principles, standards and practices that comprise Enterprise Content Management. This includes Document Management, Multimedia Management, Workflow and Business Process Management/Automation, Intranets and Extranets, and more that, together, comprise 80% of the information in most organizations.

12+ years SharePoint

& Office 365

Aria brings more than 12 years of experience, training, and knowledge in SharePoint and Office 365 (O365) from version 2003 to 2016 and SharePoint Online. Aria is also partnered with leading 3rd party addon solutions for SharePoint and Office 365, and Lorne is especially knowledgeable in the massive 3rd party ecosystem of products that extend and deepen SharePoint and Office 365 capabilities. Contact for more info!

8+ years multiple ERP systems experience

Aria’s principal has experience implementing across 5 different ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) systems. He has covered almost every “module” and the associated business domains/functions from Finance to SCM (Supply Chain Management)/Procurement, Production / Manufacturing to Order Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management to Engineering/PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), Project Costing to Field Service Management, and more!

MS Dynamics CRM

Our newest area of focus is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, also known as Customer Engagement in the Dynamics 365 cloud environment. Aria brings both past experience in previous Dynamics CRM versions from v3 to v2015/16 as well as internal use experience with Dynamics 365 CE. We would be pleased to discuss a mutually beneficial special arrangement to help you with your Dynamics 365 CE needs! Contact today!

Clear, Practical, Solutions in Action!

What does it mean?

It is about conceiving, designing, and deploying Information, Technology, Transformation, Governance, and Adoption solutions to business opportunities and challenges that are are architected and designed to be easily consumable by users (Clear), and leverage as much as possible an organization’s “pillar” technologies (Practical), and align with the organization’s abilities and capacities to best support (in Action!). Aria Consulting’s principal, Lorne Rogers, strongly believes in reducing Technical Debt whenever possible and reusing/extending what an organization already owns.

What does that mean for YOU?

Aria Consulting strives to identify, recommend, and design the lowest cost, most straightforward, easiest to gain high user adoption, and most readily supportable solutions to meet YOUR needs. While this may seem a common sense goal for all consultants with all clients, Mr. Rogers 20+ years experience through 60+ projects with organizations in Canada, the US, and Hong Kong, spanning more than FIFTEEN industry verticals, including all 3 levels of Canadian government, and covering organizations from 30 to more than 100,000 staff, has shown time and time again to not be the case.

So, if you are tired of expensive, complicated, solutions that your team, department, division or whole organization dislikes using and seems to find ways to avoid, or tired of seeing more and more application sprawl and watching your training costs go up and productivity go down, then DON’T WAIT! Click the button and Let’s Talk!


Why choose Aria Consulting?

Ensures FIT with environment - Aria focuses on solutions that achieve a balance between alignment to existing IT & business environments.
Focus on "Pillar" Technologies - 'Technical Debt' reduction through extensibility of core applications to meet wider business needs.
Current AND Future - Choose and design the solution that has greatest capability for current AND future needs
Top, Industry Leading Partners - Aria has partnered with highly value add Partners to bring the BEST to you!

More than 25 Technologies!

Aria Consulting’s principal comes to the table with technical and functional experience than spans more than TWENTY-FIVE technologies! Add to that experience and knowledge in more than 20 business domains / functional areas, and it is clear that there is exceptional breadth that YOU can leverage to drive your Digital Transformation needs.

From SharePoint and Office 365, and the huge constellation of add-on solutions that deepen and extend these platform technologies to meet an extraordinary range of business needs, to multiple ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, and others, which are the “backbone” systems that typically manage many of an organizations core activities like Finance, Supply Chain / Procurement, Manufacturing, Inventory and Warehouse Management, and more, Aria Consulting brings that experience.

Or, perhaps your challenged by disconnected and disparate systems that mandate your people to duplicate too much work into too many places? If so, Aria has experience architecting complex integrations using industry leading platforms from webMethods and Tibco.

Or, more specialty focused applications ranging from Primavera to P2 Qbyte, Microsoft Project Server to Upside/SciQuest Contract Lifecycle Management, or OpenText Content Server to Zoll RescueNet, Aria Consulting has you covered!

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