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I am Head of Information and Document Management in an Engineering Consulting House with approx 2800 employees sitting at different locations.

We are trying to adress the increased complexity of information mangement in our projects, with more cloud solutions, cross-company cooperation, new technologies (especially within 3D design) and external and internal platforms introduced. We also need to support the rest of the organization in being able to cooperate  and share documents, but our projects is our core business.

We are discussing how to best organize the information management within the company and place responsibility for different areas to be able to faster implement changes in the organization and to have better ownership of implemented practises and solutions.

Do anyone have any good high level models showing examples of organization, RACI matrix or roles for Information Mangement that I can use as inspiration?

We have today very few roles and are low on the maturity ladder regarding Information

Management but we see that this field will be more and more important in our industry.


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That seems like much more of an Organizational Design question.  And OD is typically the realm for HR folks.  Have you considered talking to them?

Lorne Rogers
Vice-Chair, ISO Trustworthy Content/Document Management
President/Senior Management Consultant
Aria Consulting Ltd.