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Content analytics using tagging for metrics and meaning

Web publishers and site owners seeking to deliver effective digital experiences that get visitors to go beyond the their homepages. There's more to web content analytics and marketing than just counting page hits and total page views. How do you look at your site, decide what metrics might be important and determine when you are successfully engaging your audience?

Can analytics improve content management?

Content management isn't easy. That’s the bad news. Dealing with a wide range and high volume of content, especially in this age of increasing demands on organizations to be able to provide anytime, anywhere access to the right information on demand, can be daunting. But analytics can provide insights that improve content management. That’s obviously the good news!

Content Management Tips for SharePoint Online

For many organizations, there is a push to begin utilizing SharePoint Online as a content management system (CMS). If you’ve already invested in Office 365, SharePoint is a no-brainer for low-cost storage and easy remote access.

However, there’s much more to migrating to SharePoint Online than a point and click migration. Time and time again users get frustrated as they try to navigate deep folder structures in SharePoint. Then they ask, “Why did we move to SharePoint? How is this helping me?”