Content-based security continues to plague companies

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ContentItemController, generated at 12:55:35 Mon Jul 18, 2016, by As cloud computing, mobility and globalization have become further entrenched in organizations, content-based security risks have only proliferated, leaving companies to try and keep pace. Content-based security issues can include assessing the various locations in which content can reside, given the cloud and mobility, and how best to secure that …

The Components of a Successful Roadmap Engagement – Part Two

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  Risk and Obstacle Evaluation Once the organization has decided it is indeed ready to take on the daunting task of fulfilling a roadmap, the next round of tough questions begins. The Definition of Success section asked some tough questions about getting started. This section is meant to challenge the organization to identify and assign implementation risks and obstacles as …

The Components of a Successful Roadmap Engagement – Part One

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  The idea of engaging in a road mapping exercise has gained in popularity in recent years due to the ever changing technology landscape and the pace at which new business process evolves. Contrary to popular belief, a roadmap is not just a pretty Visio! There are many concepts to consider before, during and after embarking on the journey. And …

Is your SharePoint missing the point?

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Using SharePoint is sorta like paying taxes. Supposedly, everyone does it, though few can explain what it accomplishes. Well, Content Management Master and Senior SharePoint Solutions Architect Lorne Rogers has been eavesdropping on your posts, questions and maybe even happy hour rants! In our tête-à-tête he proposes that we’ve merely gotten off on the wrong foot. Here are thirteen responses …

Aria’s principal, Lorne Rogers, headhunted for role in Hong Kong!

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Aria Consulting’s principal, Lorne Rogers, has accepted a role with Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong as ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Manager that he was recruited for! The role will be to lead the implementation of a new/greenfield implementation of IBM FileNet as an ECM platform that will, over a projected 3-4 year period, roll out across the corporation.